With faithful leaves unchanging (Lucaling)

Christmas prompt list: O Christmas Tree
Our characters decorating for the holidays

The smell of gingerbread cookies and pine filled the little apartment; Kait loved Luke’s place more than she did her own dorm room, and was it any wonder? It was practically twice as big, and it had Luke. It wasn’t very fair to her room, which wasn’t bad actually, or her roommate, who was actually becoming a very good friend at a strange pace. But there was just something about hiding from the world with her boyfriend - the fact that she still smiled over calling him that said a lot - that just made the world a better place. 

Lucas wrapped his arms around her waist as she hung the last of the small, shining red balls on a branch of the tree, and she smiled as she leaned back against him. “It looks good,” he murmured, kissing her neck, his hands flat against her stomach as he pulled her back a little bit more, altering between blowing raspberries against her neck and kissing her, and Kait laughed, leaning back, turning in his arms. “Stop,” she smiled, and he did, when he kissed her. Wrapping her arms around his shoulders, she smiled, leaning back so that she could look at him without going cross eyed. “That was the last of it, you are officially ready for Christmas,” she grinned, and he took his eyes off her lips for long enough to meet her gaze. 

"We’re going home for Christmas," he said, and she nodded. "Yes, but Arabella and Wesley would kill you if they found out you didn’t decorate, and then they’d kill me for not helping you," she said, her face having been serious as she started, but a grin slowly growing as she spoke. "Oh yeah?" he said, eyebrows raising, and the look of mischief crossing his face. Licking her lips, she nodded again. "Yeah." His eyes narrowed, and he lifted her off the ground with the most annoying ease - life would have been easier on her if he was a dancer and he lifted her the way Bobby had done, but no, no he was a swimmer and a guy’s guy which meant he hoisted her up a little before bending down to collect her legs. Her stomach fluttered as he cradled her to his chest. "What about you, hmm? Would you have cared?" he purred, the topic not fitting his words at all. Kait simply nodded, her heart beating faster as they landed on his couch. Little decorative Santa’s and elves and snow men got a show as Lucas gave Kait her first Christmas present, right there next to the tree.

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